Knotted Baltic amber chip earrings. Baltic amber, cotton thread & metal hooks.
(APPROX  €8.67)
Beautiful 16mm donut shape amber earrings (light honey clear amber beads) with 925 Sterling silver.
(APPROX  €15.89)
Fancy dangle earring pair. Baltic amber cherry faceted round beads, light honey tablet bead, long dak cognac bean shape & 925 Sterling silver earrings.
(APPROX  €18.66)
Light honey flower cut stud earrings. AAA grade Baltic amber and 925 Sterling silver. Stud earrings with charms.
(APPROX  €21.33)
Polished amber nuggets of dark cherry color. Baltic amber & 925 Sterling silver.
(APPROX  €23.39)
Faceted round amber ball earrings in cognac color. Clear AAA quality amber beads in 925 Sterling silver.
(APPROX  €44.96)
Clear honec color amber gems. Beautiful drop shape Baltic amber earrings made of AAA class Baltic amber and 925 Sterling silver.
(APPROX  €45.94)
Green amber earrings in 925 Sterling silver & AAA grade round faceted amber beads.
(APPROX  €46.79)
Premium coin bead amber earrings in silver. Rare butterscotch/egg yolk color.
(APPROX  €52.27)
Amber earrings cut from the old piece of amber. Handrrafed item. Baltic amber & 925 Sterling silver. Unique design.
(APPROX  €52.41)
AAA grade Baltic amber & long 925 Sterling silver hoop. UNIQUE design.
(APPROX  €67.98)
Round amber ball earrings in silver. Honey round and cognac faceted amber beads.
(APPROX  €89.07)
AAA jewelry grade Baltic amber of lemon color and cognac.
(APPROX  €113.22)