Premuim quality raw amber material. Grey color Baltic amber chips. Knotted. Untreated raw amber beads for maximum healing effect.
(APPROX  €13.36)
Red Baltic amber chips. Clean raw amber chips. Natural unworked Baltic amber beads.
(APPROX  €14.02)
(APPROX  €14.77)
Amber teething anklet/bracelet made with various color beads.
(APPROX  €15.70)
Clear light cognac baroque shape bead baby teehing anklet / braclet. Knotted for safety. Strong barrel clasp!
(APPROX  €15.89)
Big raw unworked amber chips. Premium raw amber beads. Maximal healing effect.
(APPROX  €16.83)
Clear bean shape multicolored beads. Lemon, cognac & cherry color mix. Knotted.
(APPROX  €16.83)
Multicolored raw amber beads. 100% natural unworked amber. Great healing effect.
(APPROX  €17.11)
Excellent amber bracelet / anklet made with quality dark cherry color baroque shape beads. Knotted for safety.
(APPROX  €17.35)
Premium clear bean shape beads. Clear cognac color beads. Our Bestseller!
(APPROX  €17.58)
Dark cherry Baltic amber bean beads. New amber teething anklet/bracelet for babies.
(APPROX  €17.58)
Smooth dark red raw amber beads. Rare color beads. Knotted baby anklet/bracelet with barrel clasp.
(APPROX  €17.58)
Light red premium Baltic amber. Smooth raw amber beads. AAA quality amber.
(APPROX  €17.58)
(APPROX  €17.58)
Lemon and cognac color premuim quality amber anklet / bracelet. Knotted for safely. Natural Baltic amber.
(APPROX  €18.05)
Premium quality dark cherry raw amber anklet / bracelet. Knotted for safety. Rare color.
(APPROX  €18.52)
Smooth & clear Baltic amber bead amber teething bracelet / anklet.
(APPROX  €18.71)
Four color bean shape Baltic amber baby bracelet / anklet. Smooth clear top quality beads.
(APPROX  €18.71)
Rare Baltic amber material with green, honey, grey color shades. Premium design.
(APPROX  €18.71)
Premium baroque shape beads. Knotted for safety. Strong clasp.
(APPROX  €19.46)
Premuim quality baroque Baltic amber bead amber teething bracelet / anklet. Bestselling item!
(APPROX  €20.58)
(APPROX  €21.10)
Rare red raw amber. Very cute item. Knotted. Perfect baby gift!
(APPROX  €21.33)
Premium baroque Baltic AAA grade Baltic amber beads. Top quality.
(APPROX  €22.27)
Small polished Baltic amber barrel beads. Unique design! Top quality.
(APPROX  €25.08)
Irregular shape barrel amber bead anklet / bracelet. Unique style. Knotted for extra safety.
(APPROX  €25.27)
AAA grade green & lemon natural Baltic amber beads. Round 5mm beads.
(APPROX  €27.14)
Premium AAA grade ROUND Baltic amber beads. Diameter 4.5-5.5mm.
(APPROX  €27.89)
Premuim round 5mm AAA grade Baltic amber beads. Best possible amber quality. Popular item.
(APPROX  €28.08)
Top quality AAA amber. Round 5mm dark cherry color beads.
(APPROX  €28.08)