Rougn Baltic amber chips. Excellent rounded amber beads. Great teething necklace for babies. Maximally natural.
(APPROX  €16.17)
Round shape knotted teething necklace. Raw grey color amber beads. Perfect °jewelry for babies.
(APPROX  €18.71)
Nugget shape knotted teething necklace. Raw grey amber beads. Perfect for both boys and girls.
(APPROX  €21.10)
Oval shape knotted teething necklace. Raw sea rounded amber beads. Amber jewelry for boys and girls.
(APPROX  €21.10)
Raw amber teething necklace. Cute raw amber necklace with 100% sea amber beads. Maximum teething relief!!! Recommended item!
(APPROX  €21.10)
Most effective amber teething necklace made with sea amber beads. The most effective type of teething necklace. Natural Baltic amber beads of highest possible quality.
(APPROX  €22.27)
Dark (black) raw unpolished amber teething necklace for boys. Rounded rough amber neads. Necklace length 33 cm.
(APPROX  €22.97)
Premium quality teething necklace. Rare red raw amber beads. Smooth bean shape beads. Popular item!
(APPROX  €23.39)
Premium quality teething necklace. Raw unworked amber beads. Bestseller!
(APPROX  €24.14)
AAA quality raw amber beads - baroque shape. Smooth carefully polished beads. Cherry and sea amber colors. Recommended item!
(APPROX  €27.89)