Affordable small amber chip necklace. Small multicolored amber chips.
$9.95 - $12.95
(APPROX €9.33 - €12.14)
Smooth rounded amber chip beads. Light and well made amber teething necklace. Very cute and affodrable. Popular item.
(APPROX  €14.02)
Affordable cognac amber chip necklace. Cute and shiny amber beads. Real eye-catcher!
(APPROX  €14.91)
Affordable cherry chip teething necklace. Cute and shiny amber beads.
(APPROX  €14.91)
Knotted cognac color teething necklace for baby. Clear cognac color beads.
(APPROX  €16.78)
Honey color Baltic amber teething beads. Each bead is individually knotted to ensure the maximum safety wearing baby necklace.
(APPROX  €16.78)
Mixed bead baby teething necklace. Nugget and chip beads. Honey & cognac beads.
(APPROX  €16.78)
Natural Baltic amber teething necklace. Golden color beads.
(APPROX  €17.58)
Butterscotch coloured amber in natural bead shapes. This type of amber is very rare.
(APPROX  €18.52)
Chip shape knotted teething necklace. Cherry rounded amber beads. True Baltic amber jewelry for babies.
(APPROX  €21.10)
Baltic amber teething necklace with central pendant bead. Each pendant bead is unique! NEW ITEM, limited stock.
(APPROX  €21.33)
Smooth chip style bead mix. Grey, greenish, butterscotch, milky colors!
(APPROX  €21.52)